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Freestyle Trampoline World Championships 2024 Moves to Barcelona


2. Mai 2024

FTA Partners with Urban World Series & Extreme Barcelona

The Freestyle Trampoline Association (FTA) is thrilled to announce that it will be joining Extreme Barcelona and the Urban World Series from September 13 - 15, 2024 to host the Freestyle Trampoline World Championships. Top trampoline athletes will converge at Parc del Fòrum to compete for the title of World Champion, alongside esteemed action sports like BMX, Skateboard, Scooter, and Breaking, taking their place as the newest member of this Action Sports family.

Extreme Barcelona has been a hub for various freestyle-related sports and hosted several World Championships and Olympic Qualifiers throughout its 14-year history. For its 15th anniversary, Barcelona's spectators are in for a unique and spectacular show. The freestyle sport of trampoline demands technique, resilience, creativity, and years of training. Athletes from over 15 countries will showcase stunning routines on the trampoline, with an international team of 5 judges aiming to crown the 2024 World Champions in three categories: Men, Women & Juniors (ages 13-15) judging based on Difficulty, Execution & Creativity, in a 2 - 5 skill combo performed on the EUROTRAMP™ 5 x 5 metre freestyle trampoline.

“On behalf of the Urban World Series, we are thrilled to introduce a new sport to one of our flagship events like Extreme Barcelona. The Freestyle Trampoline Association (FTA) World Championships perfectly aligns with the urban sports essence we offer, promising the Barcelona audience a thrilling showcase of the world's best freestyle trampoline athletes' performances.” - Toni Alvarez, Urban World Series Sports Manager.

“We are thrilled to join the action sports family with Extreme Barcelona, a fitting platform to showcase the remarkable talents of our young athletes and past Champions.” - Greg Roe, FTA Co-Founder, President “Get ready to witness incredible flips, twists, up to quads and even quints (5 flips or twists) on the custom EUROTRAMP™ Projects stage. Prepare to be amazed by their daring skills. You won’t believe your eyes.” - Trish McGeer, FTA Co-Founder, Global Head of Events


Dubbed "The Sport Born On Instagram" (LA Mag), freestyle trampolining emerged in 2017 with the inaugural ‘GTGames’ (Garden Trampoline Games) competition held in California, pioneering a new era. Thousands of kids from diverse corners of the globe submitted their gravity-defying feats online, igniting a frenzy. The resounding success of the 2017 event created the formation of the Freestyle Trampoline Association (FTA), propelling it into a global phenomenon. These Do-It-Yourself (DIY) athletes, resistant of formal coaching, have revolutionized the trampoline industry, showcasing unprecedented skills and resilience challenging the previous notion that acrobatics can only be learned successfully and safely under very strict controlled environments.

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